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Let's Go, the Curtain's Open
If you want to talk to anyone about building a bad rep, Yusuke Urameshi is your guy. The strongest and toughest student in his middle school, he was the poster boy of juvenile deliquency; never went to school, sucked massively in his classes, and constantly picked fights with his peers, including some of his teachers. Naturally, this caused him to be widely feared by most of his classmates (aside from his childhood friend Keiko and his rival Kuwabara), and gave them a rather twisted perception of how he really was. Now, while Yusuke wasn't the purest soul around, he wasn't really as bad as people rumored him to be. But instead of defending his name and proving his classmates wrong, he instead beat the crap out of anyone who bad-mouthed him, which did nothing to help his image in the least. Not that one could blame Yusuke for constantly being angry though; along with his rather poor social life, he was also raised by his young, single, alcoholic flake of a mother, and pretty much had to look out for himself, giving him a "screw you" view on life.

One seemingly normal day, after skipping school yet again and wandering about town, he runs into a kid playing on the sidewalk and entertains him for a while before heading off to waste time again. Said kid then wanders into the street after his ball, which is all fine and dandy except, aha, THAT THERE'S A CAR HEADING RIGHT TOWARDS HIM. Yusuke, in an act that was selfless and completely out of character, shoves the kid out of the way and saves him. Then Yusuke gets hit by the car and becomes an hero, all within the first fifteen minutes of the series~

After having the bizarre experience of seeing his dead body on the ground, Yusuke is then greeted by the very last person you'd expect to be the ferryman of death; a perky, optimistic, blue-haired girl named Botan. Yusuke seems to have apparently failed in both life AND death, since the kid he saved actually wasn't going to be hit be the car regardless of Yusuke's intervention, and Yusuke's death was, to quote Botan, "an utter waste." However, no one in Spirit World anticipated him risking his life to save someone (due to his hefty past of being a bastard to others), so Yusuke actually ended up dying before he was destined to, which is incredibly rare for a person to do. Since no one in the afterlife was prepared to have him dead so soon, there wasn't any space for him, so in return for the blunder, Yusuke could be brought back to life. He turns it down at first, saying that no one would miss him anyway, but after witnessing his own wake and seeing how much he really meant to other people (which was a lot), he takes up the offer.

However, the road to revival wasn't the easiest one, since Yusuke had to go through a number of trials and tests to build good karma in order to be brought back. With the help of Botan, Yusuke passes them all, and eventually returns to his body and comes back to life. Yusuke's outlook and attitude changed signifigantly afterward, and he learned to appreciate those who were close to him. But that wasn't the only thing that changed about him. Soon after his revival, the leader of the Spirit World, the toddler-esque Koenma, reveals to him that his experience being a ghost had awakened Yusuke's latent spiritual powers, and in exchange for bringing him back, he was made into a Spirit Detective. A Spirit Detective, to put it simply, is the protector of the human realm, tracking down supernatural cases and fighting off demons who want to cause chaos in it.

After a brief training by Koenma, who taught him how to perform his signature move, the Spirit Gun, Yusuke is thrust into his first cases. While each one was incredibly difficult for Yusuke due to his limited range of offense aside from his good ol' fists and feet, they also provided him with valueable training and close allies. His first case, where he had to track down a trio of demon bandits who nicked some highly valueable items from the Spirit World, introduced him to two of his future comrades Hiei and Kurama (they also happened to be two of the said bandits above though, so aha, irony), while his second case gained him another teamate in Kuwabara, his friendly rival who apparently has a super-keen 6th sense as well. His second case also had him ending up being further trained or should I say torutured by Master Genkai, an aged spirit fighter who needed a successor for her skills.

His fourth case (which was to rescue Hiei's twin sister Yukina), lead to his participation in the Dark Tournament, which is pretty much where demons and other fighters duke it out for respect and to get some wish granted, or something like that. Simply put, there's alot of ass-kicking, and plenty of gory deaths, and the spectators glee at every bit. Toguro, one of the demons behind keeping Yukina captive, invited Yusuke to the Tournament so they could "have a real fight". Yusuke, being a fighting whore, accepts, and then goes to retrain with Genkai and brings along her, Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara to the Tournament as his teamates. Team Urameshi get all the way to the finals, with some extra training and power ups along the way for each one, especially Yusuke. Then Genkai gets killed by Toguro because of the secret past they had, and Yusuke gets all angsty for a while. But he succeeds to kick Toguro's rear in an uber-intense final round, and his team wins and Koenma brings Genkai back to life because he's awesome like that~

Yusuke's ultimate case involved one Shinobu Sensui, who was his predecessor as Spirit Detective. Sensui went batshit insane 10 years ago, and once finding out Koenma finally chose a replacement, he decided now was a good time to open a hole to the Demon World and get his revenge on humanity. Of course, Koenma wasn't going to let that happen, and sent Yusuke and his crew to stop him. During the epic!battle between Yusuke and Sensui, Yusuke realizes that Sensui is too strong for him, and hence lets Sensui kill him in order to unlock Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara's supressed powers. Yes, Yusuke was killed yet again. But it seems like the afterlife really doesn't want him there, because soon after, he's brought back to life since apparently, he had latent demon blood that he didn't even know of. It turns out that one of Yusuke's ancestors was a demon, and concieved a child with a human woman. This wasn't any old demon, though; it happened that Yusuke's ancestral father, Raizen, was also one of the Three Kings of the Demon Realm, and he made it so that at the right time and right power level, Yusuke's demon blood would fully awaken. With all of the training and fighting Yusuke had done, he gained enough power that his second death was the catalyst that awoke it. With his newly increased power, he follows Sensui to the Demon World to continue to kick his ass, but even with the demon blood, he's still no match for him. Then, Raizen, through Yusuke's body, tells him he's made of fail and proceeds to possess Yusuke and kills Sensui.

Soon after, King Enma (Koenma's dad and real ruler of Spirit World) stripped Yusuke of his Spirit Detective title due to the fact that he had become too dangerous for our realm. Yusuke is later confronted by one of Raizen's henchmen, who demand that he should go to the Demon World to see Raizen, who's currently dying because he refuses to eat humans thanks to the affair he had with Yusuke's ancestral mother. Yusuke agrees, since he feels like kicking Raizen's ass for interfering with his fight with Sensui anyway. Before he leaves, he gathers all his friends and teamates at Genkai's place while the Spirit Ops, the special forces of the Spirit World, open a portal to the Demon World for him. After saying his goodbyes and promising Keiko he'd be back within three year's time, he jumps into the portal to Demon World, but it seems like there's a bit of a detour ahead...
We're Smoke, but Not a Fire
If there are a few good words to sum up Yusuke Urameshi, it's brash, loud, crude, impatient, reckless and violent. He isn't your sterotypical hero who is full of good morals. Oooooh no, Yusuke is chock full of flaws. He's lazy, and absoulutely hates being ordered around, so alot of times when Koenma gives Yusuke a case, he ends up griping about it for a while until Botan makes him get to it. He's pretty cocky as well, believing that he doesn't have to know much about his opponent because he thinks they won't be much of a match against him anyway. He has a very witty and sarcastic toungue (he has some of THE best lines in the series, seriously), and if he thinks you or a certain situation is stupid, he won't hesitate to let you know. He loves to tease his friends and rivals, so he's always calling them nicknames or insulting them in some way. H-He has a weird way of showing his affection to them, 'kay? He can become pretty immature when it comes to arguements, sometimes acting like a stubborn brat when he doesn't want to do something or doing his own thing when he's pissed. However, despite all of this, he's actually a decent person. Deep down inside, he has a good heart and a strong sense of justice, and it's not really that hard to see once you get past his Mr. Tough Guy exterior. Yusuke has the shonen-protaganist habit of inadvertantly converting former rivals and enemies into BFFs, as in the case with Kuwabara, Hiei, Kurama, Jin, and many others. He can sense when someone is really good, or just plain bad, probably because he's the same way. He also has unbridled enthusiasm when it comes to things he likes, so if he's charged up about something, you better watch out because the Yusuke-train will run you over if you're not too careful. Because of his experience with death first time around, Yusuke deeply respects and cares for his friends and family, and if you mess with them or harm them in anyway, he'll give no second thought to introducing his fist with your face. Yusuke+fighting=OTP TO THE MAX. It doesn't matter if it's a friendly sparring match, a scuffle between a rival, or an epic life-or-death brawl; if it involves duking it out with someone, he'll be there. Of course, while he doesn't discriminate between opponents (during the Yukina arc, he had no issues going against seemingly female fighter, because "she's a fighter and she wants to fight!"), he won't pick a fight someone who's drastically weaker than him, unless they really, REALLY piss him off.
Give Us a Sign that We're Alive
Ability-wise, Yusuke has quite a few. He's incredibly strong, in both spirit powers and martial arts. His main attack is the Spirit Gun, which he focuses his energy into his index finger and fires a shot of pure spirit power. The shots can range from little to freaking huge; it all depends on how much damage he wants to cause. He also has some variations of the attack, which include Shotgun (which he gathers energy in his fist as opposed to his finger, and releases it in multiple blasts) and the Spirit Light Bullet (which is pretty much like the Shotgun, but with one blast). He has the Spirit Wave as well (which he learned from Genkai), which gathers all of his energy into his body and uses it to either heal himself or completely own an opponent. Thanks to his awakened demon blood, he also goes through a transformation if the battle gets really intense, and he gets tattoo marks upon certain spots on his body and his hair gets considerably longer as well. His powers actually increase if he's put through emotional strain (as in the Dark Tournament where Toguro "killed off" Kuwabara), and harming his loved ones isn't such a good idea if you don't want him to flip out on you. His non-spiritual powers are equally impressive, as his punches are ridiculously powerful and his speed and stamina are also high. Plus, despite Yusuke being a complete shonen retard sometimes and jumping into fights, he can occasionally pull a stratagey out of his ass while he's fighting, though sometimes it just chalks up to dumb luck. On one last note, it's safe to say that Yusuke can tell who's a demon or spiritually endowed on the Island, since pretty much everyone who has powers in the series can sense the auras of supernatural people, and the main character is definitely no exception.
Not Going Down Without a Fight
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